15th Oct

Houston, Freedom of Speech & Religion and Sexual Immorality

Constitution-and-Bill-of-RightsHouston, Texas, the city named for first governor of the Lone Star State, is trying to suspend the constitution in order to promote and normalize sexual immorality without opposition. The Space City’s openly lesbian mayor, Annise Parker has subpoenaed church sermons, among other documentation, from five local faith leaders.

The city has requested that these preachers deliver communications that have focused on homosexuality or the contentious equal rights ordinance, which these individuals have fervently opposed. The equal rights ordinance gives special rights to the sexually deviant to include the ever popular bathroom issue to allow anyone to choose the bathroom they prefer that day. Thus the ordinance has been dubbed the sexual predator protection act.

The subpoenas, which were issued last month, seek all speeches, presentations, or sermons related to HERO, given by local pastors who oppose the law and are tied to the conservative Christian activists who have sued the city.

Opponents to the law had collected more than 50,000 signatures to place a repeal measure on the ballot this November, far more than the 17,269 required. However, the City of Houston moved to invalidate the majority of the signatures, arguing that some the petition gatherers had not met the legal requirements, thereby invalidating the signatures they gathered.

Opponents of the law filed suit, and the city responded by issuing subpoenas against several Houston-area pastors, who were not parties to the lawsuit.

The pastors, whose churches were a part of a coalition of about 400 Houston area churches opposing the ordinance, are represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, a law firm that represents parties in cases involving religious liberty.

ADF attorneys characterized the subpoenas as “illegitimately demanding that the pastors, who are not party to the lawsuit, turn over their constitutionally protected sermons and other communications simply so the city can see if the pastors have ever opposed or criticized the city.”

Here I thought we still lived in the USA not the USSR. As I have stated many times we are seeing the erosion of liberty and freedom in American because we are rejecting the Lord.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. -1 Corinthians 3:17

American and the world would rather promote and accept the agenda of the immoral than stand up to sin and tyranny. Consider that every dictator you’ve ever heard of has been immoral and even deviant and the people are enslaved.

Now the immoral leadership in Houston would like to deny the freedoms of its people provided in the US constitution to make their depravity acceptable. Those who oppose God and His commandments understand that if you want to normalize sinful behavior you must undermine the education system and silence the preacher of God. Where do we see the attack but in the schools and on speech.

The only remedy available to us is the Lord, Himself. We must draw near to Him and His ways. That will allow a boldness in our communities from New York to San Francisco in standing up for what is good and right rather than what is immoral and evil. We must also pray for boldness and the truth of God’s word for our preachers and pastors.