Pope Francis Visits Sardinia
17th Jun

Francis The Many Colored

Pope Francis is concerned about the environment, specifically the effect that the wealthy of mankind are having on global warming. Oh wait, that’s climate change. Anyway, rich people in rich nations are subjecting the poor of this world to the ravaging effects of climate change and the world must do something to save the planet.

I should like to save the Shire, if I could – though there have been times when I thought the inhabitants too stupid and dull for words, and have felt that an earthquake or an invasion of dragons might be good for them.
-J. R. R. Tolkien

The pope claims that climate change is settled science and that deniers should be dismissed or silenced in some form or fashion. In his 192 page encyclical, the ten dollar word for writing a letter to the bishops, Francis shows his alignment to the coming darkness. He shows that he finds more in common with the godless environmental earth worshipers than with biblical truth.

I know that is an inflammatory statement but I believe we should correctly identify both the truth and the lie of what is happening in our world. Let me break it down.

We know that global warming or climate change or whatever description we use, is far from settled science except for those who are entrenched in progressive and godless ideologies. The John Kerrys and staunch liberal lawmakers that have long ago abandoned reason for something akin to madness will always state that climate change is settled science that has created a consensus among the scientists who accept it as settled science.

For whatever reason, the climate change true believers tend to be Marxists bent on destroying the very economy they benefit. They are also fine with abortion, same sex marriage, doctor assisted suicide and oppose the death penalty. They will fight to the last man or woman for these things until they face Islamic opposition and then magically they back off.

Pope Francis blames the greed of this world for its ills and is calling on the wealthy nations (pronounced USA) to pay for the plight of the poor created by the use of natural resources such as oil, wood and dirt.

Francis warns “If the current trend continues this century we could witness climate change unlike anything seen before and the unprecedented destruction of eco-systems, with serious consequences for all of us,”

The problem with such words is that they are not backed by facts, worse they are not backed by anything other than other progressives words. In short, the trend that will continue is cooling not warming. Less hurricanes not more. But there is destruction and serious consequences for all of us if we do not deal with a real inconvenient truth.

Namely, sin.

The pope’s 192 page letter brought to mind a character from the Lord of the Rings, Saruman. Once called Saruman the white for bringing truth and light, this fictional character was later known as Saruman the many colored because he broke the white light he was supposed to bring into colors of the rainbow.

This might sound appealing because color is beautiful but we should understand that truth should not be broken and nuanced because it becomes a lie.

Pope Francis, like Saruman is breaking the light into the preferred colors. Having a form of the truth and the light but really embracing a lie. On the surface, Marxism seems appealing it actually spreads the darkness that brings enslavement. This is because it lowers the economic threshold and concentrates wealth and power among an elite few instead of enriching the people as it promises.

Francis the many colored sounds like he is bringing light and truth to the masses through compassionate reason, but he is really embracing the doctrine of demons and buying into the lie that steals even more from the poor while claiming to save them.