Bread of Tomorrow
23rd Feb

Asking for the Bread of Tomorrow

Bread of TomorrowI read a great post by Aaron Eby of First Fruits of Zion entitled the Midnight Visitor. In that post Aaron deals with a more correct understanding of the Lord’s prayer found in both Matthew 6 and Luke 11. Specifically, he deals with the word translated as daily in the phrase “our daily bread”. The mysterious Greek word epiousion according to Eby and other scholars this word is better understood as “tomorrowly” or “Give us today our bread of tomorrow.”

Aaron goes on to say,

Furthermore, this bread of tomorrow is not just the mere provision of a meal in advance; it is the future messianic kingdom realized today. It is the “bread in the kingdom of God” (Luke 14:15) and the “hidden manna” (Revelation 2:17) that many from the east and west will eat as they “recline at table with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 8:11).

I recommend this article.

There are some implications we should consider with this interpretation of the Lord’s prayer. While Eby connects the dots with the parables that follow in regard to the exile of Israel, there is something to consider for today’s time of darkness.

When our Lord came to die for the sins of mankind we got a taste of the messianic age in the form of the miracles of Jesus. While we were given help in the form of the Holy Spirit following the Lord’s ascension, we are not living in the messianic age.

We are without the Light, we are in darkness.

There have been times when this world has been darker or lighter but without the abiding presence of  Jesus it is night time.

Churches today often fail to teach that we are to pray for the return of the Lord. Many hearts are failing for a lack of a vision of what the Lord requires of us in these dark days. From the Islamic State to a failing economy we are losing our faith because we do not understand that these thing must happen.

“Do not be afraid” is the message of scripture, for these things will only be for but a little while. The night only lasts for a moment. The apostles taught their followers that we should be looking to the return of Jesus Christ, that times would be difficult and even down right evil until the Lord comes to judge the living and the dead.

That is why the prayer is give us daily the messianic age and may the kingdom come. We are to live in the kingdom daily by the power of the Holy Spirit understanding that this world is not yet judged and we are to look forward to the period when Jesus rules and reigns on earth.