17th Aug

The Real Answer to Unemployment

Unemployment continues to rise as 44 states saw their numbers increase in the month of July. Nevada tops the list with it latest unemployment numbers going from 11.6% to a whopping 12%. The fact is that we are on average adding just 150,000 jobs a month. That just barely keeps up with our population growth. The official unemployment rate is holding steady at 8.3% of our population of 312.8 million people. What is the answer to this difficult economic problem even as Europe faces twice the unemployment? Is it less taxes and reduced regulation? Or is it more government spending and better government programs?

The bible lays out a clear path to a nation’s prosperity. While lowering the tax burden and eliminating red tape can help, the real answer goes much deeper. Biblical principles of honoring parents and teachers of scripture, generosity, savings and living without debt are foundational. But the most important part of economic prosperity is the principle of loving the Lord and obeying His commandments. Until we embrace this worldview, our nation and even the world will continue to look to government and its leader for salvation, only salvation is not there.