Anaheim CA riot
26th Jul

Lawless Riots

Riots are breaking out in Anaheim, CA as people are taking to the street over the death of two alleged gang members killed by police during attempts to bring the suspects to justice. Why is there such uproar over theses deaths when Los Angeles sees so much crime and violence? In a word, lawlessness. As we have seen in Albuquerque and other cities across America, it is easier to blame the police for these deaths than the criminal activity that brought the confrontation.

The bible tells that the government does not bear the sword (or the gun) in vain. While there are times that law enforcement is in the wrong, it is more often the case that people killed in officer-involved shootings are doing what they should not do, and resist the authority of the law. Where are the riots over the bad behavior that is destroying our nation? Where is the outrage over the men creating single parent homes that turn out more people that are lawless?