Homosexuality, Steve Smotherman and The Torah Observant Jesus

Pastor Steve Smotherman has come under fire this week for his stand against Gov Suzanna Martinez appointing Doug Howe, an openly homosexual man, as the interim commissioner of the PRC.While the governor certainly has the right to appoint Mr. Howe and the governor is not bound by the state to observe the word of God, Pastor Smotherman has every right to criticize Gov Martinez for not keeping a standard we believed she held.

What has me especially worked up is the number of Christians and specifically pastors who have taken a stand against Pastor Smotherman in support of the gay lifestyle, stating that Jesus never mentioned or forbade homosexuality and out of love would have accepted everyone as they are. These people are not disciples of Jesus Christ and should they meet Him face to face, would soon label Him a right wing homophobic bigot.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMachiach, lived out His earthly ministry as a Torah observant Jewish rabbi. He stated plainly that He did not come to destroy the Torah, God’s holy word, but that He was the living fulfillment of it. Our Lord did not mention homosexuality because He lived among a people whose passion was to live the Torah and argue it’s finer points.

Jesus also did not mention other sexually deviant behavior because it did not need to be addressed. It is time for pastors to either stand for God’s word with Jesus or go find another god made in their image, because they certainly are not followers of Jesus Christ if they condone such lawless (against God’s instruction) behavior.

By the way, I should point out that Doug Howe has every right to live as he pleases, as do we all. But, there is a very real consequence to the choices we make. It all depends on whether the God of the bible is true or false.

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  • I’m glad that there is at least one pastor in NM with a back bone to stand up for what the bible says. And the bible does state homosexuality is a sin, not greater or less than any other sin but it is still a sin .
    Also if so called pastors or christians are standing against someone who is preaching Gods word just to tickle peoples ears they are not what they claim to be. If they claim homosexuality is ok they might as well say that murder, stealing , adultery are all acceptable practices as well, just as long as you don’t offended someone.
    But remember best part is that our God is merciful and if you repent of your sins weather it being homosexuality or murder he is faithful to forgive.

  • Thank you for standing up for Pastor Smotherman. In a time when a Christian way of life is under fire and is attacked for it’s belief’s while “other” life styles are praised, we need to stand for our belief in God’s word. Voicing one’s belife is critisized when it is not inline with the belife’s of others, if it gets attention. I have NEVER heard Pastor Smotherman preach hatred for any other Faith muchless homosexuals. He preaches the Word of God. I finally found a Pastor and Church that is not afraid! I have several homosexuals in my family, I love them but I don’t agree with them. Pastor Smotherman helped me change in so many ways just by saying “forgivness does not mean you agree nor does it mean you have to continue a distructive relationship”

  • I am so grateful Steve Smotherman does not waiver from biblical truth. He is not speaking from his view but from Gods word (The bible). Officials have to be held to a moral standard and many will continue to pursecute Steve just as they did to Jesus but no amount of critisism will waiver Steve Smotherman in delivering the truth. I have never heard any Pastor at Legacy church speak of hatred and in turn welcome homosexuals to the church to learn the word. My family and I support Steve and Legacy church. Keep up the good work Steve and the rest of the staff. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  • I love Christ and have always loved people for who they are regardless of their sin. I am not sure as to why sometherman always has to talk about homosexuals and push his political agenda down people’s throat. There are so many biblical scriptures that are ignored today (old and new testament) such as women covering their heads….1 Corinthians 11:6, or how about divorce and remarriage…Matthew 19:9 or how about women participating in the church…1 Corinthians 14:34-35 or what about slavery…Leviticus 25:44-46
    Should we follow the Old and the New Testament or only quote the bible when it is convenient for us? I think that we as “Christians” need to learn to be better role models, stop the judgment and accept others with love; this is what Christ did and would want us to do the same today. Christ did not go around condemning others, in fact, He hung around with sinners. I believe that the self righteous attitude is why many unsaved do not want to follow the Christianity faith, this is very unfortunate. It is not our place to judge or behave as though we are better than others. Just remember that we will all be held accountable for our actions, many will not enter the kingdom of heaven and there will be many false prophets among us.

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