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Pope Francis Visits Sardinia
17th Jun

Francis The Many Colored

Pope Francis is concerned about the environment, specifically the effect that the wealthy of mankind are having on global warming. Oh wait, that’s climate change. Anyway, rich people in rich nations are subjecting the poor

30th Mar

Blessings and Curses- The Bible Factor Podcast While we blame our leaders for the course of our country the truth is that our leaders are chosen by us, at least in America. America has from some time now been choosing sin

Bread of Tomorrow
23rd Feb

Asking for the Bread of Tomorrow

I read a great post by Aaron Eby of First Fruits of Zion entitled the Midnight Visitor. In that post Aaron deals with a more correct understanding of the Lord’s prayer found in both Matthew

19th Feb

Mindfulness aka Meditation- Biblical or Un-Biblical?

The popularity of “mindfulness”, today’s euphemistic term for meditation, is growing in the United States among corporate executives, Oprah, the US Congress and even our school children. That’s right our children are being taught how

18th Feb

Ash Wednesday, Christian or Pagan

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the Lent season observed in the Catholic and a few Protestant traditions. But is this day or this season a Christian or even a biblical holiday? Lent,

Mardi Gras
17th Feb

Is Fat Tuesday Anti- Christian?

Fat Tuesday is a time of great self indulgence before a time of self denial. Mardi Gras in French, is celebrated from Epiphany to Ash Wednesday and in many cultures the three days leading up